Giving you the power to care

CarePay was born in 2015 in Kenya. Inspired by the revolution of mobile technology to transform the healthcare industry. To offer more people access to affordable healthcare solutions worldwide.


A connected ecosystem to benefit the individual

Problems in health

In today's world, healthcare costs are escalating, resulting in millions of people falling into poverty each year. The lack of trust and affordability stop people from seeking healthcare treatment and paying upfront. This maintains the endless vicious cycle within healthcare. Affecting healthcare payers, providers and members.

From health wallet to transforming an industry

Leveraging Kenya's mobile money revolution, CarePay developed, in partnership with PharmAccess Foundation and leading Telco Safaricom, a health wallet for members. Revolutionising the healthcare industry by connecting members directly to healthcare payers and providers through their mobile phone.

Optimising the healthcare ecosystem

Risks are reduced, admin costs are lowered drastically, as hospitals are paid faster, better rates are unlocked, and transparency is increased. By digitising and automating processes, we improve the way money flows through the healthcare ecosystem. Empowering hospitals to invest in quality of care and insurers to offer more affordable health insurance solutions for the uninsured. Growing trust among all players.

To benefit the individual

Putting the individual at the center empowers members to take control over their own healthcare journey. The revolution of mobile technology changed the way we shop, listen to music and travel. We use that same power to challenge the status quo in health. Going beyond 24/7 access to benefits & limits. Imagine the endless opportunities - from telehealth solutions to preventive care.


Our history

We entered the Kenyan market under local brand, M-TIBA, in partnership with PharmAccess and in a joint venture with Safaricom


The values   
that drive us

CarePay is at the forefront of technological and social change within healthcare, improving the lives of millions. Through the use of smart technology we can make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

We act

We take action, make informed decisions and deliver on our promises.

We pioneer

We explore new ways and challenge the status quo to improve people’s lives.

We are open

We make connections, build trust and value the diverse perspectives of others.

We simplify

We have a deep understanding of complex problems to define simple solutions.

4.8 million

lives impacted


payers in Kenya & Nigeria


providers onboarded

Leadership team

Kees van Lede


Maarten Ras


Moses Kuria


Enrique Zschuschen

Director Product

Christoph Hartmann

Director Technology

Barry Lagerweij

Chief Architect

Collin Musonye

Director Engineering

Steve Maina

Director Projects & Product Implementation

Fleur Frowein

Chief of Staff

Priya Shah

Director Risk & Compliance

Pieter Prickaerts

Managing Director Kenya

Rita Okuthe

Chair of the Board CarePay Kenya

Board members

Onno Schellekens

Chairman CarePay

Nicole Spieker

CEO PharmAccess Foundation

Heather Sherwin

Director Impact Investments The ELMA Philanthropies

Eline Blauuboer

Partner at Investment Funds for Health in Africa (IFHA)

Allard Luchsinger

Managing Director Techstars


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