About us

We believe in access to good healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

Our vision

Mobile technology is everywhere today. And nowhere is this more apparent than with the mobile phone. The vast majority of people, regardless of their economic situation, now have access to what is basically a mobile super-computer that connects people at almost zero marginal cost.

This low-cost digital relationship has revolutionized business models across the world, not least in the use of mobile phones as financial tools to pay for goods and services. For many people, their phone is already a primary means of handling money.

At CarePay, we believe the intersection of mobile technology and mobile money has the potential to transform healthcare by facilitating universal access to good quality healthcare at lower costs.


Onno Schellekens

Onno Schellekens


Rens Alban

Kees van Lede

Director Finance & Strategy

Rens Alban

Maarten Ras

Director Commercial & Operations

Onno Schellekens

Barry Lagerweij

Senior Principal Architect

Rens Alban

Moses Kuria

Managing Director Kenya

Rens Alban

'Yomi Sule

Managing Director Nigeria

Onno Schellekens

Steve Maina

Projects & Product Implementation Director

Rens Alban

Amaechi Ndili

Executive Chairman Nigeria

Rens Alban

Fleur Frowein

Chief of Staff

Onno Schellekens

Pieter Prickaerts

Director Customer Success & Finance Kenya

Rens Alban

Priya Shah

Director Risk & Privacy Compliance

Rens Alban

Torooti Mwirigi

Director Sales & Marketing Kenya

Onno SchellekensOnno Schellekens

Christoph Hartmann

Director Technology

Rens Alban

Enrique Zschuschen

Director Product Management

Our history

Back in 2015, CarePay was first established in Kenya with an initial investment from the M-PESA Foundation (funded by M-Pesa, a hugely popular mobile payment system launched by Safaricom/Vodafone) and the Investment Funds for Health In Africa (IFHA). Capitalizing on the mobile (money) revolution in Africa, CarePay partnered with PharmAccess Foundation and Kenyan telco Safaricom to develop a smart payment distribution platform branded as M-TIBA in Kenya.

Nowadays, M-TIBA has made a huge impact already, connecting over 4.7 million users and 3,000 healthcare providers. Its scale and growth quickly attracted a growing number of public and private partners, including corporate employers, the Kenyan National Hospital Insurance Fund, institutional donors and private insurers.

Since the success of M-TIBA in Kenya, CarePay has opened its HQ in Amsterdam to facilitate the international expansion of the platform to other countries, starting with Nigeria and Tanzania.

Our mission

We believe that everyone should have access to good healthcare; that healthcare services and financing should be more customer-focused, trustworthy and efficient. Mobile technology creates unprecedented possibilities to achieve this via a common digital payment infrastructure that will open up substantial opportunities, from cost control to value creation. We believe in giving people the power to care.

Operating countries


In Kenya, where the platform is known as M-TIBA, CarePay has already made a huge impact. We have connected over 4.5 million users and 3,000 healthcare providers to the platform, and counting.

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In Nigeria, the CarePay platform has been chosen as the preferred technology platform to run statewide health insurance schemes on, starting in Lagos State and Kwara State.

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CarePay manages the health cover of more than 65,000 people through five accredited clinics, as part of the Improved Community Health Fund (ICHF) program of PharmAccess and the Tanzanian government.