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Digitize the end-to-end healthcare journey

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Lowering costs through automation, transparency and predictability

The digital connector in
the healthcare ecosystem
through mobile technology

Key figures

3 countries

CarePay operates in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania where our platform ensures transparency and accountability.

+ 3,000 providers

CarePay has connected over 3,000 healthcare providers to the platform, ranging from small clinics to large hospital groups.

+4.7 million lives

Over 4.7 million lives have been connected to the platform so far and new users are registered every day.

A mobile and cloud-based platform to benefit the individual

Carepay infographic our processes

Our market

Out-of-pocket expenditure as a % of the total health expenditure
Source: World Health Organization Global Health Expenditure database, 2016

East Asia & Pacific

Sub-Saharan Africa

Latin America & Caribbean

South Asia

Carepay our market

Awards & recognitions

Transforming Lives in Kenya 2021

Awarded by:

The Knowledge Warehouse Kenya

Positioned in the Top 25 for creating new ways to access and finance healthcare through mobile phones.

Fortune's Change the World List 2020

Awarded by:


#7 on Fortune’s Change the World list alongside Alibaba, Paypal and Zoom.

Key benefits

Lower cost

Cost efficient

A fully digital platform working in real-time instead of a standard paper-based system.

Tailor-made care

Data insights

Data collected helps to improve efficiency and quality of care and provides data insights for healthcare payers.


Automated rules

Automated scheme rules are implemented in the CarePay platform making it work much more efficient.