Public payers

CarePay helps governments deliver universal healthcare coverage.

A new model for public health programs

CarePay is a proven health financing platform, helping governments to deliver universal healthcare coverage effectively and efficiently. It revolutionizes the management of large-scale health schemes through its mobile platform.

For this we partner with governments and social insurers to provide all citizens with the means to pay for and access affordable healthcare. All people need to use and benefit from the CarePay platform is a basic mobile phone.

Our scalable platform provides real-time data and intelligence for health administrators to help them manage national and regional health schemes that incorporate funding from a range of sources. CarePay currently works with large public health schemes in Kenya and Nigeria.


Access for all

Access for all

CarePay makes it easier, quicker and cheaper to set up healthcare programs that are accessible to everyone.


Simple verification

Ability to quickly check if someone is eligible for treatment.

Easy enrolment

Easy enrolment

Fast, simple and cost-effective (self)enrolment process via any mobile device.