Private payers

CarePay makes it easier for companies, insurers and donor programs to manage health insurance schemes.

New era in efficiency and transparency

By connecting to the CarePay platform, private initiatives like employee health insurance, commercial health insurance or NGO-sponsored health programs can more efficiently manage their health schemes via the CarePay platform. We provide a full benefit and claims management solution at a much lower cost per life through our platform.

Through the mobile phone, clients gain a continuous and interactive relationship with the insured, have the ability to cross-sell other product and start programs on e.g. behaviour change and vitality enhancement. Financial and medical data is real-time and fully digital, which leads to much lower costs compared to standard paper-based systems. Healthcare payers get accurate, real-time data on their patients, their treatment and how much it is costing. Clinics are able to submit payment claims digitally to insurers and donors at the click of a button, so a payment process that used to take months can now be completed in as little as 24 hours.

Similarly, donors can use the CarePay platform to distribute healthcare funds efficiently and securely to target populations, to be used only for pre-agreed treatments at accredited healthcare providers.

Other advantages are the flexibility to create a bespoke scheme and the full transparency of expenses and treatments. In addition, it is simple and quick to reach all members and providers at any time, at close to zero marginal costs.


Lower cost

Cost efficient

A fully digital platform working in real-time instead of standard paper-based system.

Tailor-made care

Data insights

Data collected provides data insights for funders, like employers and donors.


Automated rules

Automation of scheme rules is implemented in the CarePay platform.

Partnership with largest insurance broker in Kenya

CarePay through its partnership with one of the largest brokers in Africa, has been managing the staff scheme of one of the largest hospital groups which was recently renewed after a succesful one year period. The notable successes of the scheme that were highlighted during the renewal including cost savings even with increase of staff numbers, which was made possible by the scheme rules setup functionality on the CarePay platform. Ease of access and user control to authorize treatments through the mobile phone was part of the feedback received.

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