CarePay has opened a Lagos office in 2018 to expand the utilization of the platform to Nigeria in order to provide better access to healthcare in Nigeria.

CarePay in Nigeria

Nigeria has a population of around 195 million residents, the largest population of Africa. Over 60% of the Nigerians are from a lower socioeconomic background and less than 4% of the population is covered for healthcare. Lagos State alone has around 22 million residents, many of them without access to good healthcare. It is with this in the back of our minds that CarePay decided to expand to Nigeria with technical assistance provided by our partner PharmAccess Foundation. In 2018, CarePay has set up an office in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Our multi-payer medical benefits management and payment platform is capable of connecting millions of people, healthcare providers and insurers all into one digital ecosystem which facilitates seamless access to healthcare services and efficient health payment administration at marginal cost. Our platform currently serves multiple public and private payers in Nigeria such as the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency and AIICO Insurance, and more than 200 healthcare providers directly contracted.


Key data in Nigeria

190M residents

Nigeria is the most populated country of Africa.

± 240 providers

So far, CarePay has connected over 240 healthcare providers to the platform.

± 260K lives

CarePay has connected over 260K lives in Nigeria.

Expansion in Nigeria

Together with partner MTN Nigeria, CarePay has the ambition to jointly grow health insurance coverage among millions of Nigerians.

Both parties will collaborate with accredited health insurers and healthcare providers to roll out a digital “healthcare marketplace” accessible via web and app, for distribution and administration of a wide range of retail health schemes encompassing innovative bundled health schemes as well as traditional health insurance plans.