CarePay has opened a Lagos office in 2018 to expand the utilization of the platform to Nigeria in order to provide better access to healthcare in Nigeria.

CarePay in Nigeria

Nigeria has a population of around 190 million residents, the largest population of Africa. Over 60% of the Nigerians are from a lower socioeconomic background and less than 4% of the population is covered for healthcare. Lagos State alone has around 22 million residents, many of them without access to good healthcare. It is with this in the back of our minds that CarePay decided to expand to Nigeria with technical assistance provided by our partner PharmAccess Foundation.

In 2018, CarePay has set up an office in Lagos, Nigeria. To work towards ensuring all residents in Lagos State have access to affordable and quality healthcare, Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA) was set up by the Lagos State Government. LASHMA has chosen CarePay's platform to run the mandatory Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme on. The platform offers LASHMA a mobile solution for scheme administration which serves as a digital health exchange that connects the all the main stakeholders on the same platform.


Key data in Nigeria

190M residents

Nigeria is the most populated country of Africa.

± 240 providers

So far, CarePay has connected over 240 healthcare providers to the platform.

± 260K lives

CarePay has connected over 260K lives in Nigeria.

Expansion in Nigeria

In December 2018, the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme was launched by the Governor of Lagos. However, Lagos is not the only state interested in using CarePay's technology platform to run a statewide health insurance scheme on. Kwara State has also engaged CarePay as the preferred solution to run the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme on.

Apart from Lagos State and Kwara State, CarePay is continuously looking to expand its solution to other states in Nigeria to work together with local governments to provide better access to healthcare.