February 23, 2022

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Priya Shah, our Director of Risk & Compiance, is #2 in Top 25 Women Leaders in FinTech

The Financial Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology of Europe for 2022. This year’s awardees represent some of the most accomplished women leading organizations and teams across various segments of the financial technology sector. As finance continues its rapid transition into a digital experience, these executives and their companies remain at the forefront driving towards more efficient solutions across global payments, money management, cryptocurrency exchange, cloud banking, big data management, and a number of other areas.

Laura Marshall built Finastra’s value engineering function from scratch and created a dynamic department that is firmly embedded across the company as its Chief Operating Officer, Europe. And Laura Pappi, Head of Operations at HyperJar, created a global, hybrid, scalable team capable of working remotely—a year before the pandemic made this business-critical. As Director of Risk and Privacy Compliance, Priya Shah has been instrumental in shaping the platform, product, and operational strategies of CarePay, which has enabled five million users to acquire healthcare services digitally in Africa.

Out of scores of nominees, these women were selected for their proven ability to lead others, their deep domain expertise, and their impact on the overall fintech sector. They have made invaluable contributions to their companies that have in turn been able to thrive in the competitive, rapidly advancing digital financial space in Europe and around the world. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of this year’s Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology of Europe for 2022.

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