July 4, 2023

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Introducing Moses G. Kuria as CarePay's new CFO

We are excited to announce that Moses G. Kuria will be the new Chief Financial Officer of CarePay International, effective July 1st, 2023.  

With his experience as Managing Director of CarePay Kenya, CarePay International's subsidiary in Kenya, and profound financial background, Moses is well positioned to guide CarePay and the finance & risk department to the next level of sustainable growth. Prior to joining CarePay in 2015, Moses worked at Deloitte. 

Moses’ his role as Managing Director of CarePay in Kenya will be taken over by Pieter Prickaerts, previously Director Finance and Customer Success.   

Digitizing the healthcare journey  

Inspired by the revolution of mobile technology and the challenges in the health industry, the CarePay platform was launched in 2015 together with telecom company Safaricom, M-PESA and PharmAccess in 2015 under the brand name M-TIBA in Kenya. The cloud-based platform digitizes and automates the end-to-end health insurance journey and connects individual members to payers and providers.  

As all transactions and related information flows are handled real-time in the cloud, administration costs caused by manual processing are lowered drastically. Hospitals are paid faster, better rates are unlocked, and transparency is increased. As individuals can be uniquely identified through their sim-card fraud is significantly reduced. And by having 24/7 insights through the mobile phone, the individual is in full control.   

Offering more people the access to affordable healthcare  

After the proof of concept in Kenya, guided byMoses and Pieter and their teams, the platform expanded to Nigeria in 2018. So far, CarePay connected more than 5 million people to 5,100 healthcare providers and 20 public and private payers through our platform. In 2019 CarePay raised 45 million USD in our Series A and in 2020 we were listed in the top 10 of Fortune’s 500 ‘Change the World’ index.  

Ready for further growth  

‘I’m in full confidence that Moses, with his profound experience and knowledge of our business, is best positioned to leadCarePay International as Chief Financial Officer to help expand the proven concept to other countries. In his new role, Moses will be end responsible for our finance organization, including the financial set up for new countries, securing future funding, and all risk, legal and compliance matters within CarePay.’, says Kees van Lede (CEO CarePay International)   

The recent ISO 27001 certification onInformation Security will further support CarePay’s ambition for international expansion in Africa and beyond.


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