CarePay in Kenya

CarePay was first established in Kenya with an initial investment from the M-PESA Foundation (funded by M-Pesa, the hugely popular mobile payment system launched by Safaricom/Vodafone) and the Investment Funds for Health in Africa (IFHA). CarePay partnered with PharmAccess Foundation and Kenyan telco Safaricom to develop a smart health payment distribution platform branded as M-TIBA as Kenya.

In Kenya, M-TIBA is the preferred health payment platform for the government, retail and private health sector. It is a proven health payments integrator, revolutionising the management of large-scale health schemes and supporting the drive for Universal Health Coverage in Kenya.

So far, M-TIBA has connected over 4 million users and 1,200 healthcare providers to the platform. Its scale and increasing data value have attracted a growing number of public and private partners, including corporate employers, the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), institutional donors, banks and private insurers.

Key data in Kenya

+ 4.5M lives

Over 4.5M lives have been connected to M-TIBA in Kenya.

+ 715K treatments

Over 715,000 treatment claims have been handled by our platform.

+ 1140M transactions

Over KES 750M of medical pay out has been done by the platform.

M-TIBA in Kenya

“CarePay can do for healthcare inclusion what M-PESA has done for financial inclusion. It provides speed, accountability and massively simplifies the user payments experience.”

Bob Collymore, former CEO Safaricom