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Vicious cycle of problems in healthcare

Across Sub-Saharan Africa, only 2-5% of the people have access to private health insurance. Millions of people are falling into poverty because of high healthcare costs. Lack of trust in governments and institutions, and unaffordability stop people from seeking healthcare treatment and paying upfront. Making healthcare only more expensive because no risks are shared. As pre-payments are low, the liquidity is low, and therefore nobody invests. This means the poorer you are - the more you are on your own.

It’s a vicious cycle of problems that impact healthcare payers, -providers, and people.

And breaking this pattern is hard. Leaving only a select group of people with access to healthcare.

The answer to change this? Tackling the core issues in this cycle.
- The lack of trust in the supply chain blocks people from paying upfront.
- High admin costs are caused by manual and paper-based processes at healthcare payers.
- High health financing costs for providers are the cause of long payment cycles at health insurers.
- High unaccounted costs thanks to fraud in the ecosystem is because of a lack of transparency.  

So, how is CarePay making a difference?

The platform improves the way existing money flows through the healthcare system. Lowering the costs society must pay to get access to good quality healthcare.

The administration is digital and mobile-based. Administration costs come down. There’s less fraud. Hospitals are paid much faster. Better rates are unlocked. Leading to affordable and accessible healthcare covers.




- Individuals are in control through more trust and transparency. They can track their benefits and limits 24/7 and get easy access to healthcare providers through their mobile phones.
- Lowering costs through a digitized journey, shorter payment cycles and reduced fraud. And access to real-time insight around treatments and claims.
- Healthcare providers are paid faster for a reliable and steady cashflow
- A whole new group of people haveaccess to health products they can afford. These products of top insurers inKenya and Nigeria are now up to 20% of the traditional price point.
-  Additional outsourced services improve predictability to unlock more affordable insurances for the mass market.
- Additional services that improvethe quality and accessibility of healthcare at healthcare providers. Such as low-costloans for mid-and low-tier healthcare providers to help individuals in allsegments of the market.

The CarePay Platform